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Employment Counselling Services

Job Search Facilities in Amble

at Fourways 2, Dilston Terrace

  Jobs board
  Computers available with internet/email access
  C.V. typing service
  Photocopying services

Drop in any time

Opening hours Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm

For more information contact Julie Lilburn on 01665 712929

Creative Digital Media projects


Discover Amble on a different level!

Play this exciting, engaging game which combines online interaction with realworld quests for clues. Plus there's a chance to win prizes!

Access clues from the website, then physically travel to the location to discover the answers. Input the answer either by SMS text on your mobile phone, via the mobile site if you have a smartphone* or via the website. (There are free wifi hotspots and even some laptops around town you can use.)

*iPhone, N series Nokia and Android devices (1.6 upwards)

Log on to to find out for yourself.

AmbleGPX has been created by local teenagers to help you find out more about the Friendliest Port. You can:-

  Enjoy local walks
  Learn about our history
  Experience the local wildlife
  Watch videos of local characters
  Discover sights and information that only the locals know
  Have fun

AmbleGPX is an Amble Development Trust project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

For more information on how a GPX site can be developed for your town, contact Anna: 01665 712929



We have over ten years experience working with people of all ages providing creative digital media projects.

The young people's group is called Artograffi, and includes young people aged from 9 years upwards.

Over the years Artograffi have produced several short animations. Gilbert the Goldfish was screened at the Northumberland Young People's Film Festival and also on BBC2's Blast. Cat's Got Your Tongue was a Firstlight funded film and was awarded a Special Mention at the Showcommotion Young People's Film Festival.

Animation workshop
Youngsters animating
Making props

Above Animation workshops with Artograffi youngsters. For 'Cat's Got Your Tongue', the young people worked with a script developer and two graduate animators.

DJ workshop leader
Youngster editing an animation
Web design workshop
participants in digital media workshop learning Garage Band

Above: participants in Creative Digital Media workshops. Topics included, digital photography, animation, web design and music creation.

shell animation 1 animating Cat's Got Your Tongue
shell animation 2 Daisy's Dream
shell animation 3 Santa + co in Eddy the Evil Elf
Above: animation work made during Creative Digital Media workshops and Artograffi's animation work. Gilbert the Goldfish

Below: skateboarders making their live action film as part of the 2008 Campaign Trail project

see the final film

learning how to use the camera skating in the Town Square

For more information on Creative Digital Media projects, contact Anna Williams on 01665 712929

BiTC and Fishing projects

"When did fishing become so complicated", a question we have been asked many times. We hear about sustainability and the shortage of fish regularly through media coverage, but have you ever wondered what the impact on coastal communities would be without the fishing industry?

fisherman at Amble

The fishing sector has become a complex mix of political, environmental and economic issues and somewhere in there is fishing! But for many communities fishing lies at the heart of their cultural survival - being the catalyst for tourism and therefore sustaining businesses throughout the winter months

Using the expertise of staff we are working on a consultancy basis to determine a transferrable model which will assist the North East fishing sector. The work is being facilitated by Business in the Community and funded by the Marine Fisheries Agency. Our aim is to find a model which will work within legal parameters to achieve financial viability ensuring longevity of the sector and its reliant communities.

For more information on fishing projects, contact Julia Aston on 01665 712929

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of the communitywithout financial gain. Most people have been involved in some kind of voluntary work within their communities i.e. helping out neighbours, church work, helping with youth activities, sitting on management committees, etc.

Volunteers come from all age groups from young to more mature and from all sections of the community and include friends, neighbours, unemployed, employed, retired people, teachers...

In fact - People like you!

People volunteer for a variety of reasons

  • To learn new skills

  • Make new friends

  • To feel good

  • To have fun

  • To gain work experience

  • To access training or further education

Some people have specific interests e.g. working with animals, and some people just want to offer something back to their community. Whatever the reason volunteer input helps develop stronger communities.

Volunteering With Amble Development Trust

In addition to placing potential volunteers with other organisations the Development Trust would like to be able to offer opportunities for volunteering within its work in Amble. We are looking for volunteers to join the Friends of the Welfare project, The Ambler Community Newspaper project and you may be intersted in joining our Management Committee. Needless to say, we are always looking for help at our annual events.

If you are interested in any of these activities contact us on 01665 712929

We can help you with
  • Looking into the need for new services
  • Working with people to develop these services
  • Helping groups to find funding for their activities
  • Signposting to training for volunteers
  • Helping with volunteering opportunities

Former Community Development projects include:

Shop Front Scheme

The Shop Front Scheme was created to help local businesses to improve their shop fronts as a means of supporting the growth of local businesses, improving the local environment and raising the image of the town centre amongst locals and visitors.

window dressing workshop 1 window dressing workshop 2
window dressing workshop 3
window dressing workshop 4
As a result of this work the Trust also worked alongside Alnwick District Council to deliver workshops to local businesses the workshops were aimed at giving retailers fresh ideas about their Shop Window displays. The workshop was held in March 2009, participants all went away with enthusiasm and ideas and there are now a number of excellent displays on Queen Street.
Mosaic at The Paddlers

Look Back Move On,
Sea, Coal + Sand,
The Amble Mosaic,
Prime Timers,
Amble P.A.T.C.H

If you have any ideas for activities that you would like to see happening in Amble, contact the Trust on 01665 712929.




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